Unique G

Ref: 13252653

The Unique G Power Procedure Chair is suitable for Gynecology, Urology and Ang​iology

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Keep the left mouse button
pressed and move
to the right and left.


Swipe right or left

Click on the control to check chair movement

Hand Control

• Hand and Foot controls• Trendelenburg positioning
• One-touch programmable position
• Fully adjustable & articulated armrest 
• Auto-return to seating position - Home Button
• Retractable & Adjustable headrest  
• Stainless steel Gynecology Debris Tray with anti-damage sensor
• Paper roll holder 

• Leg Crutches Stirrups

• Accessory rails (back section) 
• Adjustable headrest
• Locking casters 


Length: 73"
Min seat height:21,6"
Max seat height:


Width w/ armrest:31.5"
Width w/o armrest:23.6"
Weight capacity:397 lbs
Chair weight:301 lbs



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